Topic and Sources

The topic of this curation site is politics in the entertainment industry. It will document and analyze the different ways Hollywood uses its influence and platforms like cinema and television to broadcast political agendas, ideas and social movements and the success of this influence in creating some sort of action.

Sources will include, but are not limited to:

The Huffington Post Entertainment

This source reports on entertainment news up to the minute, with a focus more on feature articles rather than breaking news. They cover events such as the Golden Globes and Oscars but also report on trends in Hollywood, what actresses and actors are doing and complies list of popular culture topics. They often link to other sources within their work, and can be a great source for a jumping off point on a topic.

The Huffington Post Political Hollywood

This is a niche site dedicated to reporting political news in Hollywood. It essentially covers comments public figures make, debunks them, and ties them into current events. It also explores movies, television shows, and industry relationships and their ties with current events and politics.

New York Times, Arts Section

This is the online version of the NYT Arts Section, but the NYT provides a more in depth analysis of Hollywood’s role within political and social movements. It provides longer form articles about people in the industry tackling issues like gender inequality or race.

Los Angeles Times, Entertainment Section

Similar to the NYT, The LA Times can provide longer form analysis of Hollywood trends, actors, actresses and musicians pursuing a political agenda through their work, and a localized viewpoint of these events as the publication is based in the entertainment capital.  

USA Today, Life Section

Another national news source that can report on the major awards shows of the season, as well as any events in Hollywood and the entertainment industry that involve politics, without bias.

Buzzfeed News

The great thing about Buzzfeed News is that is compiles top news stories on an easy to navigate platform. Since it’s main focus is popular culture, it includes many articles, profiles and features on individuals taking a stance in social and political movements. It also has a LGBT section of news.

NY Magazine

NY Magazine offers more content on the mix of politics and entertainment and takes more provocative angles than the traditional news outlets. Many pieces are features with opinion in them, which can make for an interesting counter argument to the more objective news stories. There are also “diary” type entries on NY Mag that can offer an interesting perspective on events that happen in Hollywood.Although it has a New York angle, it is a still a great resource to hear the opinions of journalists in the entertainment industry, but maybe a little bit outside the LA bubble.

MTV News

MTV News provides a more millennial perspective on Hollywood news, and could have interesting angles regarding the political climate in Hollywood. Although MTV was previously known only for covering music news, it has transitioned into covering basically everything in the realm of young Hollywood and will provide insight into the younger demographic of public figures. Many of the other news outlets focus on older adults, but MTV caters to a younger audience and this can be an interesting angle.

Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair has in depth feature articles and reporting on current events and issues. Their focus is on the entertainment and lifestyle industry, and they conduct investigative research about topics pertinent to today’s society. This is a great source for fresh angles on current events.

Hollywood Reporter, THR Esq.

This is a legal section of the Hollywood Reporter, devoted to reporting on the legal issues and current court cases in the entertainment industry. This source could provide information on hot-item cases in the industry surrounding new and current executive orders, laws and/or policies.

In addition to these sources, I will be using a Twitter list to track political news in the entertainment industry.