Streep, Hanks to star in Pentagon Papers movie

Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks are set to star in a movie about the Pentagon Papers.

Streep has been a vocal advocate against President Trump’s policies, so it is interesting to see her taking on a main role as Washington Post publisher Katharine Graham in the movie, titled “The Post.”

The Pentagon Papers scandal, during the 1970s and height of the Vietnam War, exposed the secrets the federal government was hiding about the severity of the war in Vietnam.

Hanks and Streep have also advocated for truth and fairness in journalism, now more than ever. Hanks gifted President Bush and President Obama with a coffee machine while they were in office, but instead of gifting the Trumps one, he gifted it to Washington journalists.

The timing of the movie couldn’t be better. At a time when Hollywood elite are able to use their position in society to voice their political opinions, what better chance than starring in a movie chronicling a time when the media exposed the federal government as two of the leading journalists who did so.

Original leaker Daniel Ellsberg has recently spoke to The Hill about the benefits of leaking information when it can benefit public interest or violates the Constitution.

The film will be directed by Steven Spielberg, another interesting choice due to his notoriety in the film world. The movie is sure to have a lot of hype with three high profile people involved.


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