All quiet at the White House after Oscars

How important is it really that President Donald Trump was not tweeting about the Oscars on Feb. 26? The public has come to expect the president to be tweeting about almost every national or international event that occurs, as he has done in the past, however he is no longer an entertainment figure. As a political figure, it is not part of his job to have to weigh in on awards shows on social media, even if he has done so in the past.

Many people in Hollywood have spoken out about Trump and his policies at awards shows, either in their acceptance speeches or even in their attire.

Jimmy Kimmel took to Twitter to poke fun at the president’s silence.


There is something to be said when it is a bigger deal that the president is actually tweeting about healthcare policies rather than awards shows. Not to say that one is more important than the other, but one is certainly more pertinent to his current job.


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