Apatow’s risky stand-up routine

Saturday Feb. 18, director and producer Judd Apatow, most known for his involvement in romantic comedies such as “The Other Woman,” “Anchorman,” and “Bridesmaids,” performed a stand-up comedy act to promote the new HBO series, “Crashing” at the Regent Theater in Los Angeles.

The bit was entirely aimed at bashing Trump, and Apatow did not go out of his way to be politically correct, starting his bit off with comparing the election to a rape, reported by Hollywood Reporter.

It may be expected that Apatow would have received a mixed response from the audience, but attendees seemed to be in agreement with his comments. The Daily Beast reported Apatow went after 10-year old Barron Trump in another joke, which was a risk especially after the Saturday Night Live writer was suspended for a similar move.

Is it okay for him to have used such comparisons as a new president being inaugurated feeling like a rape? Something that is so controversial in today’s media, especially after Trump’s crude comments that were released during the election. In his words, he wants people to use “humor or any other defense” to speak out. There is a question of ethics to take into consideration with this idea. Humor is a definite way to relate to people, especially self depreciating humor. While many people may feel the way Apatow feels about Trump, is his excuse of humor a justifiable one for his word choice?

A video of the routine can be found here.


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